About Mazao Safi

Tradecare Africa Mazao Safi Division is the farmer extension arm of the company whose aim is to deliver high quality and rapidly scalable extension services to small and medium scale farmers in Kenya. Mazao Safi means safe harvest which denotes the credence goods in the harvest for both the farmer in the form of sustainable returns and safety to the consumer. To the farmer, Mazao Safi delivers improved yields of high quality linked to sustainable markets. The Company works to ensure that consumers also have access to safe food that is produced in line with food safety standards taking localGAP as the foundation protocol for all farmers in the system.

Mazao Safi Division operates a hub and spoke model with rural hubs distributed across the country in different areas of operation. The rural hubs are the central location where farmers access all services promoting Availability, Accessibility and Affordability of Agricultural Inputs and Services. Our first hub is in Makengi Town-ship on Pioneer Plaza in Runyenjes sub-county of Embu County.

Our Solution Services


T-Cert like the name suggests is a certification platform that allows extension workers and companies to perform inspections and submit data to a database where information related to sustainability certification is stored. Each user gets a license that allows them to control their own data, manage users and provide access to data and information to whoever they choose. The users can filter the data they would like to share and ensure that access does not breach data protection rules.

T-Cert platform is under construction.

Tradecare Academy

Tradecare Academy is an online learning management system that allows the training of agricultural graduates engaged in the Mazao Safi Farmer Extension platform to attend introductory training on result-based extension services using the RASTA model. The platform provides the graduates with practical competency building courses that allow them to horn their skills in extension services.

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Farm Data Pod

FarmDataPod is a digitally driven extension platform that powers commercial extension services among farmers for any value chain. The platform has the capacity to run services for large scale farms as well as supply chains that depend on any number of suppliers.

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