1. Kitchen Gardens for urban and peri-urban dwellings

TradeCare Africa Ltd is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, including the establishment of kitchen gardens for urban and peri-urban dwellings. These gardens serve as a valuable resource for individuals and communities living in urban and peri-urban areas by providing fresh, nutritious produce right at their doorstep.

We understands that in densely populated urban environments, access to affordable and healthy food can be a challenge. Therefore, they actively support and advocate for the development of kitchen gardens as an effective solution. These gardens enable people to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, contributing to food security, improved nutrition, and reduced food expenses.

2. Nutrition gardens for schools and institutions.

Our nutrition gardens feature a distinctive design, incorporating a water reservoir at the garden's base. This reservoir stores irrigation water, which is efficiently delivered to the crops through capillary action using an irrigation wick. By keeping the reservoir shaded, we minimize water loss through evaporation, ensuring a more sustainable and resource-efficient gardening experience.

Our nutrition gardens come as a comprehensive package, offering top-quality seedlings, organic and biological inputs, and a dedicated production manual. Additionally, beneficiaries gain access to the Mazao Safi e-learning platform, a valuable resource for accessing a wealth of information on various production aspects. This holistic approach empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to create thriving and sustainable gardens for improved nutrition and food security.

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